How to play on the game portal XJedi ?

Welcome stranger! The forces of destiny have put you on a path that has lead you here. Truly, welcome! Here you are able to realise your talent; to fulfil your potential and change the course of history whilst channelling the spirit of Star Wars. You will be able to become a great solo warrior or join armies and orders of the Republic Empire or other unique clans. Or maybe you could become a great leader who would always fight for the common goal? All this and more depends on YOU! In this world there is no rush for a high level or efforts to knock out a ring with +100 strength. The important things is the ability and a willingness to learn to wield your lightsaber. To train with the weapons in your arsenal and to eventually learn through play to develop your very own tactics of combat. But before we get ahead of ourselves there are several steps you must take. Firstly, you’ll need familiarise yourself with the rules of Our Galaxy.

1. Install XJedi Academy client
(~540 MB)

Download Jedi Academy

Download from XJedi FTP
or from MEGA

2. Be sure to read Rules of gameservers

On gameservers there are Judges, they clean this world from evil troublemakers. Remember: knowledge and following the rules of Our Galaxy will make you more powerful that you ever imagine.

3. Officially sign up on XJedi portal

If you have some questions use FAQ or create new topic in forum section Help

4. Launch XJedi Academy from the desktop

Sing in to game, press Play.
Then again Play -> Join A Game
Double click one of the XJedi servers from the list (in the top there should be chosen "Source: Favorites")
You can play free on any server, while there are free places.
If you'd like to join full server, you need to obtain Premium Holocron

5. Enjoy the game!

Now you have a possibility to visit about ten of servers, closely linked with forum and unique systems:
CUAGs. Internal game currency you can spend on: buying special weapons, sabers, skins, nickname colors, organizing of official battles, making own clan, payments for any contracts among players and many other;
Strength. Is calculated by your wins and losses this index makes you aware how deeply you learnt combat knowledge;
Level (Level). Determined by your mastery of saberfight on Holy Server.
You have to defeat two opponents eaqual to you for getting level up!;
Activity (A.JA; A.F.). Is calculated by regularity of your play on servers and spending time on the forum.
After signing up, all this indexes will be being autoupdated at your profile on the forum.

6. Don't stay away!

Every day in our Galaxy there are fighting for leadership between dozen of clans, each of them has own history, colorful style of profile and extra possibilities.
Find new friends, make own contribution into the rate of the clan, achieve high rank via Official Duels, where all of Official clans participating are.
All of this and lots of more is waiting for you here and now!

Promise you'll get plenty of communication and positive emotions, roleplay transitions, interesting clashes and endless possibilities to prove yourself!

We wish you a successful and enjoyable game!

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