Game Rules on all XJedi Servers

1. Politeness, friendship, respects to each other are the basic principles of all players on a server.

Any attempt to violate this principle, to provoke other players on its violation, indifference to these principles is considered as breaking of our rules.

1.1 Flood. It is forbidden to flood in chat, to use a lot of senseless phrases, words, smiles.

1.2 Capital Letters. Do not overuse CAPITAL LETTERS. Whole phrase, written in such style might be considered by other players as shout.

1.3 Insults. It is forbidden to use personal insults or sneer at other player.
The only exception: one is free to use insults on behalf of his character to another one. Fro example, your character is Sith and he states negative emotions to another character – Jedi (not to the person playing this character). It should sound really good, probably dramatically. The thing is that no one should ambiguous it.

1.4 Obscene vocabulary. It is forbidden to use obscene words or phrases with the intent to insult other players or to use obscene words too much times by violating the game's atmosphere.

1.5 Unauthorized Advertising. It is forbidden to advertise without prior consent of administration. It also includes links and references to another websites or addresses of game servers.

1.6 Private Data. It is forbidden to divulgate any data concerning personal life of other players without their prior consent. Respect the personal life of those, with whom you playing with.

1.7 Redundant/Extra Voting. It is forbidden to create voting more frequent, than once in 10 minutes or to create voting on a player’s kick from server without any valid reason.

1.8 Hints while in a spectator. While in a spectator mode, it is forbidden to prompt player’s location, amount of Hit Points or cartridges of other players and other similar information.

1.9 Negative Attitude. It is forbidden to express in negative and biased form your attitude towards a map, to the gaming process, to the players or yet to something as for game. (Phrases like ”stupid map”, ”You’re fighting like newbie” and so on. One should express them in polite form: ”I don’t like this map”, ”I consider you play not very good” and etc.)

1.10 Obtrusiveness. It is forbidden to impose the game style, to fasten it, to make to do things, player doesn’t want to. Any player has the right to choose on his own what to do during the game on a server: to fight on swords, shoot from weapons, constantly getting away from the other players, or simply stick to the wall and hang on it. If you want to ask a player to play differently, use a necessarily word ”please”.
The exception: on a duel server, if your opponent have lost server connection, and have the ping 999, you must kill him and not to delay a game and make other spectators to wait.

1.11 Donation criticism. It is forbidden to state criticism towards ammunition or other stuff, bought by other players. It is forbidden to state disrespect towards donations. One should remember that our portal exists and develops due to sponsor contributions and without it, our portal can’t exist and other players can’t enjoy free game on servers.

1.12 Another Live status-account. It is forbidden to play other Live status-account than yours one, provide access to your Live status-account or create more than one Live status-account. The main goal of Live status-account system is to make the game process fairer, videlicet the game, where one player won’t get any preferences only because he created a lot of additional accounts or asked someone to play instead of him.

2. Care of Allies, desire to win as a team are the main principles of players in team games OB, CS, CTF, Siege.

2.1 Team Kills. It is forbidden to kill/injure deliberately the player of your team in team games.
Exception 1: one may kill/injure a partner with constructive purpose (for example if it is necessary to win as a team in CTF, Siege games).
Exception 2: One may have revenge for attack, made by your teammate. In such case the incident considered to be resolved and both sides lose their right for mutual claims.

2.2 Double game. It is forbidden to take any actions, designed in order to defeat your team. One shouldn’t prompt Hit Points, disposition or any other such information to the opponents. It is forbidden to hinder the movement of your allies, sabotage team missions and so on.

3.Server’s Administration.

Abidance by rules on a server is watched by judges appointed by administration of UAGalaxy. For breaking the rules judge issue penalties to players: they forbid to use chat (silence), or close access to servers (ban).

3.1 The game is conditionally free to play. Unique payment which is necessary for unlimited time of time of game on servers is absence of claims against judges, administration and creator of Portal. For the utterance of any criticism, even objective one, in the address of servers, creators, administration or judges, Administration can deprive you the right to use chat or play on servers for ever. Complaints regarding the servers are examined by Administration only in forum "Claims".

3.2 It is forbidden to use admin-chat on servers, except for a case, when you want to report the breaking the server rules to a judge. For breaking this rule access to the servers will be closed.

Holy Server and Training Server rules.

All server rules are valid on the Holy and Training Servers. Moreover, there are additional rules, for least breaking of which the access to this servers will be closed to you for a very long time.

1. It is a server of polite games. The main goal is not to collect plenty of kills or put to death someone by surprise. It is a place where role life passes, where goodwill and honor are valued above all.

2. Behavior. It is strictly forbidden to threaten someone, to jostle, to jump on someone, use force directed on other player, to come up very close to another player with a weapon without prior agreement to play such games. Even approach too close with sword off is invalid. If you want to come up to someone, be affectionate to hide your weapon to inventory. Of course, you may come up to your friends, if you know in advance that they won’t be offended by such actions. It is forbidden to direct a weapon to a stranger! If you injured other player casually, use chat and write at once ”sorry” or ”I apologize”.

3. Saber challenge. You can call any player for a training duel. If he accepts your call, you have the right to use any manner to win the fight. You can also agree with other player to play in a competition on accuracy, and start to shoot in each other, or to play any other similar game, But be attentive, choose uninhabited place in order to prevent injury of other players. It is forbidden to try to call a player for a duel if he said ”no”.

4. Sensitiveness. Be loyal to your opponent. If he asks you not to use combo against him, you have to execute his request, or stop playing with him.

5. Official Duels. If there is working system of official duels on the server, you have not to impede other players conducting them. If you have been challenged for OD, you have to face and take it and fight with honor not to seek to avoid the match. You have a right to reject the challenge or to retreat to another server, but the server system then will consider you as not reliable enough player and after some time could prohibit to enter this server again.

Sometimes there are exceptions of rules of Holy Server: rules of specific games on Holy Server.

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